A Beginners Guide To Flirting With Women

How do you flirt with women? Flirting is something most guys don’t understand. It’s not just about being sexy, it’s about making a woman feel like she has to have you and that there isn’t anyone else in the world for her. Check out this article on how to be an effective flirter!

1. You need to be confident

If you don’t believe in yourself then no woman will either. Be smooth and speak congruently; your body language should match what you’re saying (even if it’s not true, like telling a girl she looks good when she doesn’t).

So make sure you have confidence in yourself. If you’re not confident, it will show so go for classes or something to boost your confidence.

But you don’t want to be so over the top with your confidence, as you’ll come across as a ****.

2. Don’t be a pushover

You’re not going to get anywhere by being a wimp, especially if you’re really young and unattractive. You need to show her that you have a backbone and that she can’t walk all over you because it will make her respect you more (not in a nice way).

Don’t let her talk for hours about herself, interject every now and again. Plus joke here and there to keep things fun. Always give back as much as you take from people or they won’t respect those boundaries and then they’ll just continue talking and talking until they’ve completely run out of things to say about themselves.

3. Don’t be a douchebag

This is where most people get confused. You don’t need to show her that you’re a dangerous criminal or a bad boy. In fact, if she thinks you’re too dangerous then she won’t find it attractive and will think of you as nothing more than hot air (don’t take this personally, it’s just the way things are).

What I mean by not being a douchebag is that you should always try to make sure your actions don’t come across as selfish/arrogant/conceited. If she feels like you care about all other women in front of her while still flirting with her, then she’ll hate herself for thinking about sleeping with you.

4. Build attraction, don’t just rely on it

This is what most young guys get wrong when trying to flirt with women. They think that if they’re nice enough then the girl will be attracted to them. That’s not how this works at all. The way you get a woman interested in you is by playing hard-to-get, making her work for your approval before giving it to her (e.g never being available for her or being extremely busy). You can even go as far as ignoring her texts/phonecalls/meeting with other people while she’s trying to win you over because girls want what they can’t have. I know, girls are weird like that but that’s just how things work with them.

And if you’re really good, you can just straight up tell a girl that she’s not your type and doesn’t fit what you’re looking for in a girlfriend, or anything else along those lines. That really depends on the girl though; some girls will dump you right after (not all of them mind you) while others will be like “awww! Well…I’m still going to try and win him over!” It’s hit or miss but it is possible to do.

5. Be confident when talking to women

Don’t let your nerves get the best of you in these situations because they can completely turn women off. I know this from personal experience because the past I’ve been very nervous and anxious around women, especially when I first started learning how to flirt with them. As women can sense your nervousness, they will either get uncomfortable around you or continue to talk to you but with zero interest.

For example, I remember one time when I was working in a deli and this great looking woman came in who I’d been trying to flirt with for a couple of weeks. As usual when she was in the shop, she made it very clear that she didn’t want anything from me by having an attitude towards me each time she visited. When she came into the store that day though, I didn’t do anything different yet still had a complete change in her tone towards me. She wasn’t rude or offensive but much more pleasant and actually started talking to me quite nicely. So what changed? Was there something different about me that prompted this shift? No, I was still the same old Mike who’d been trying to flirt with her for weeks. The only difference between the usual interaction and this one was my confidence; I projected it much more when she was in front of me. This is why you can’t afford to let your nerves get the best of you when flirting with women because it makes them feel awkward around you and creates a terrible impression of yourself.

Keep in mind though, that there’s no need for you to be overly confident either; just project enough self-assurance so that women will enjoy talking to you. Make sure not to come across as arrogant though because then all your hard work when flirting would go to waste. And if you experience temporary nervousness, don’t worry as it happens to all people. You just need to control these feelings and not allow them to overwhelm you because as soon as you start feeling nervous around a woman, your attraction switches off.

6. Take Your Flirting To Another Level By Touching Her

Don’t be afraid or hesitant when touching women either; just do it with confidence and purpose at the appropriate time and place and then move on accordingly. For example, this would include just lightly touching her arm while talking to her gently brushing away a flyaway strand of hair from her face etc . But always make sure you move your hand away once you are done touching her. Also remember to do this at the appropriate time and place. For instance, don’t go groping women on first dates or in crowded places where it would be inappropriate to do so. Whereas if you are on a date with her alone in some quiet candle lit restaurant or bar etc . Go ahead and touch her as much as possible because this will help make her feel more comfortable around you and signal that the two of you have an exciting attraction for each other which means she is already halfway to saying yes to going back home with you.

7. What To Say When You First Approach Her

When approaching a woman for the first time always speak from the heart and never try to impress her. Don’t speak in a monotone voice, instead use a slightly higher pitch and be a little bit more animated when speaking. Women prefer to talk to men who sound interested in what they have to say rather than bored.

Never approach her if you’re feeling tired or worn out from the day because this will show through your body language and enthusiasm when speaking with her. Smile when approaching women and always treat them kindly. Be funny by teasing her but not playfully insulting her. In other words don’t be mean even if she is being rude first! If she asks you a question make sure you answer it fully before moving on. For example lets say she asks why you’ve approached her, rather than bluntly replying ‘I wanted to meet you,’ say something like ‘I noticed you were looking really nice so I thought I’d come over and say hello.’

8. The Right Place & Time To Meet Her

Unless she’s very forward most women won’t bother giving a man their phone number until they feel they know him quite well. However, if you want to get her number quickly its ok to ask her but do not make a big deal out of it! Then leave it is as that and don’t keep calling or texting her constantly trying to arrange dates with her because this will seem clingy and desperate from the outset. Make sure you’re in a place where your paths are likely to cross again at some point in the future, for example if she’s in the college canteen have a chat with her there when you bump into her.

9. How To Make A Good Impression On Her Friends & Family

If she has friends or family with her, simply introduce yourself to them and be polite when speaking to them. Do not ignore them even if they’re being boring because it will make you look like a rude person! Remember that the way you behave around other people reflects back onto women too so always treat everyone well whether they are male or female. Don’t flirt openly with other girls in front of her because this could cause great jealousy between both of you if she feels threatened by it even though she may act jealous for your attention. If this does happen don’t argue with her about it but simply apologize for any embarrassment you’ve caused by flirting with other girls in front of her, then promise to act more respectfully when speaking with women in the future.

10. What To Do When She Says No!

Do not take things personally when she says no because its really nothing personal at all! If you get rejected immediately try not to make it seem like a big deal and if she’s making excuses, let her go without too much drama (don’t ‘try to convince her’ or beg please!) because this will make you look like a desperate weirdo who only wants one thing from women! Treat female rejection as your cue that maybe she wasn’t the right person for you after all, act like its a win-win situation because you never know, you might end up meeting the girl of your dreams on the next attempt!

11. How To Keep Her Interest In You!

Women love men who have confidence and somebody who is unpredictable so try to keep her interested by being slightly mysterious. When women find a man interesting they tend to want to learn more about him so take advantage of this and try to get as much information from her as well! Remember that comunication between men and women is a two way street so always take an interest in what she has to say rather than just letting the conversation go one way into territory that only interests you! Letting a woman finish speaking before beginning yours will make it seem like her opinion is just as important to you as yours is to her! Don’t be afraid to disagree with her about certain topics but let her know that you respect her opinion anyway, people will always warm towards somebody who shows them respect even if they don’t agree with them.

12. When To Ask Her Out On A Date!

There’s no right or wrong time to ask a woman out on a date because it should be done in the moment when the opportunity presents itself! However there are better times than others so wait until she seems relaxed and not too busy to ask. For example don’t approach women at night clubs unless they’re already standing alone outside waiting for their friends! If you do get rejected, remain polite and wait until she leaves before you leave yourself.

13. What To Do On A Date!

Be a gentleman and be chivalrous when you take her out on a date because this will make her feel more relaxed around you. Open the door for her when arriving at your destination so she won’t have to do it herself, try not to forget things like this or it will seem like you don’t consider women important which is never true! Try to get the balance right between being too nice and being too mean, nobody likes a pushover but nobody wants to go out with somebody who seems rude either so stay somewhere in between both of these until she decides that she can trust you enough then let your guard down!

Online Dating Strategies For Regular Guys

Online dating is a numbers game. You will never find the girl of your dreams if you only swipe right five times and then give up. This article will teach you to boost your odds by matching with hot girls on apps like tinder, bumble, okcupid, etc.

How To Get A Girl On Tinder Interested In You

If you are using tinder to meet girls, then it is important that you understand the psychology of women on dating apps. When a woman logs into an app like tinder, she is expecting men to be hitting her up for sex. She has nothing else in mind except casual hookups with no strings attached. Because of this mindset, most girls will not respond to generic messages or boring pick-up lines. But if your “opening line” shows some personality and playfulness while also demonstrating some social intelligence , more often than not you will get a reply or at least get her interested enough so that she swipes right on your profile.

How To Get A Girl On Tinder Interested

The best way to get a girl on tinder interested in you is by saying something that will pique her curiosity so that she’ll swipe right. She has to be able to imagine herself having a conversation with you and being intrigued enough by your personality to want to meet up with you-not just sleep with you.

For example, if your opening line is “Hey sexy”, don’t expect much more than a measly 5% chance of getting a reply from the girl. If your opening line was “What’s it like being as sexy as you are?”, now we’re talking!  Asking this question demonstrates several things: confidence , playfulness , and social intelligence .

If you see that she is a fitness girl, then your opening line could be: “I bet I could figure out what kind of exercises you do just by looking at your fit body”. This shows that you’re not only confident and playful but also socially intelligent enough to tell she’s into working out. You can probably expect an enthusiastic reply from this approach.

The point is that if the girl doesn’t know what to expect next with you, then her curiosity will get the best of her and she’ll swipe right on your profile to find out more. If she sees that there are no other red flags or weirdness in your profile, most likely she will respond positively.

Approaching A Girl On Bumble

If you are using an app like bumble to meet women, then it is important that you don’t come across as too aggressive. Women on dating apps are looking for a connection. You have to show her that you’re into more than just hooking up.

Here’s the difference between being too aggressive and hitting on a girl vs showing interest in getting to know her:

Being Too Aggressive On Bumble

“Hey sexy”. “You’re so hot”. “Let’s drink”, etc… All of these messages will make most girls roll their eyes and swipe left because they already see you as another horny guy messaging them for sex only. This isn’t interesting in any way, nor does it give her an idea as to who you really are as a person.

Showing Interest In Getting To Know Her On Bumble

“You seem cool, we should meet up sometime”. “What kind of music do you like?” “Where did you go for dinner last night?”.  Now these kinds of messages will make her smile. As long as the conversation keeps flowing naturally, she’ll feel more inclined to reply because not only is she intrigued by your profile but also by what you have to say.

How To Get A Girl On OkCupid Interested

The approach here is pretty much the same as on tinder or bumble. However, because you will have a lot more room to be creative with your profile, you can include a lot more about yourself and put a little bit of your personality into it to make her curious enough to want to get to know you better.

If your opening message is “Hi”, then don’t expect sound too enthusiastic of a reply. If she doesn’t find anything interesting in your profile when swiping right on it, she most likely won’t bother reading through the whole thing just for that one message that doesn’t interest her at all.

A good example is if you are into cooking and mention this in your profile. Then in your opening line show some creativity by saying something like: “Hello beautiful! I’m John, 27, I love cooking… would you like me to cook for you someday?”. This shows that not only are you confident but also have a creative mind. She’ll get the sense that she can have interesting conversations with you-which will increase your chances of getting her number.

Because OkCupid is more serious than tinder or bumble, it is important that the girl gets an idea of what kind of man you are right away in your profile before even having to read your opening line.

The lesson here is this: if you want to keep things simple and get things rolling quickly, make sure your first message demonstrates some creativity while still showing confidence at the same time. You don’t want to come off as too shy or too unconfident because these kinds of messages will make the girl feel like she’s doing all the work.

It’s all about balance, guys. Be confident but not cocky; creative but not weird; playful, yet still respectful… you get what I mean. There are a lot more where this came from! But hopefully by now you see that there is more to online dating than just saying “hi”. You’ve got to portray yourself as an intriguing person with unique interests and behaviors; otherwise your matches will most likely be few and far between.

So remember:

Be confident, yet respectful of the girl’s boundaries. Be creative but not weird or corny. And finally, show her you have a fun personality while still staying true to your core values! If you can do all this and make her laugh along the way… then it is a wrap-you just might have yourself a new girlfriend soon!

Is It Worth It To Try Tinder Without Paying?

Over the years, the online dating scene has taken over the World. Unsurprisingly this has caused an influx of various dating websites and apps that have gained a user base of millions of people all over the world.

Today we have hundreds of dating websites and apps offering a wide variety of different features. Of all these online dating platforms, Tinder still remains at the top of the food chain.

With its simple user interface, it has amassed a huge user base and still remains the dating app with the highest number of users.

Needless to say, Tinder then decided to capitalize over it and introduced several paid features on their app, but is it worth it? 

Are you confused about whether you should invest money in this app? Through this article, I will list down certain facts which will help you decide if it’s worth investing money in Tinder and how different does use a paid version of Tinder feel from the free version.

About Free Tinder

In this part, I will focus more on the free version of Tinder and discuss what it has to offer to the people.

Tinder does not specifically target people of a specific category, it has something to offer for everyone, right from people who are into casual flings and hook-ups to people looking forward to long and serious relationships.

Unlike other apps on the play, store Tinder can be used for several purposes. Unlike apps such as “BeNaughty” or “AshleyMadison” which are solely dedicated to casual hook-ups, people can use Tinder for making new friends, getting more connections, etc.

When it comes to dating, nothing should be more complicated. It should be as simple as meeting someone, have a good conversation, and hence get an accurate estimation as to whether you see that person as a potential partner.

And that’s exactly what Tinder has to offer, Tinder is based on a simple set of principles, “Match, Chat, Date”

Keeping in mind that the majority of people nowadays have shifted to the use of portable gadgets such as mobile phones, tablets, etc. Tinder has fully optimized itself for mobile phones.

So what exactly does Free Tinder have to offer?

The downloadable app itself is completely free of cost and is available for download to everybody across all platforms from IOS to Android.

While Tinder is primarily targeted towards mobile phone users, there is also a desktop version available for people who insist on using it on their laptops or PCs.

So what can a person expect once they download the free version of Tinder?

 Well, upon downloading the free version the first thing people have to do is to register through their email ID and phone number.

Registration can also be done directly through FB or Google.

The next step is to build your profile which consists of uploading a profile photo and then filling your details in the bio. And your profile is done.

One thing to keep in mind whenever you use this app is to always keep the geolocation of your phone on. It is compulsory and helps you find potential partners in your locality.

To search for potential partners, you need to set your preferences through filters such as age, and sex of the partner you’re looking forward to date.

You can also set a distance limit, and the app will search the potential partners for you within that distance.

Then you can begin the process of swiping. While swiping you have the option of doing one super like per day.

The app also allows you to control what you see; with balanced recommendations, it will display users based on different factors such as activity, etc. You should also check out www.datingproductreviews.org to know what kind of activity levels will get you the best recommendations and match with the best girls on tinder.

Also, if you match with someone who keeps harassing you and you don’t wish to have any conversation with this person, you also have the option to un-match or block this person, so that they no longer have access to your account. 

If you’re tired of swiping people all day, you can always disable the option which is called “Show me on Tinder”. This will give you access to only those profiles with whom you’ve previously matched and you will no longer be visible to others.

But the best feature that comes in this app is the “smart photos” feature which keeps a track of all the photos in your bio that get the most swipes and automatically places the ones which get the most swipes on your main bio.

This increases the chances of you getting a match up to approximately 13%

So these were all the features that are available in the free version of Tinder.

List Of Features Available In Tinder Gold And Tinder Plus:

Needless to say, all the features available in the free version of the app are also available in the paid version as well. Aside from those, here’s a list of some extra features which are also available.

1. Tinder Boost:

This feature allows you to place your profile right on the top of the queue for about 30 minutes. This is a great way to increase the potential viewers of your profile

2. Super Boost:

This feature is exactly like the previous feature, but better. The “Super Boost” will locate your profile first on the line and boost the chances by a whopping 100 times.

3. Super like:

Unlike the free version that only provides one super like a day, the paid version allows you to do unlimited swipes

4. Recently Active:

Very similar to the “Balanced Recommendations” option in the standard free version of the app, this version will give you an insight into the comparatively active members with whom you have previously matched.

5. Top Picks:

Through this feature, the app generates a list of all the users that it thinks are the best choice for you, based on your profile.

6. Rewind:

This feature will help you view the previous profile again in case you change your mind about the previous profile.

7. Hide Age/Distance:

If you don’t intend to let people know your age and your location through this feature you can always hide your personal details from them

8. Passport Feature:

This feature allows you to manipulate your location to any other place throughout the globe with the comfort of being at your home.

9. Traveler Alert:

This feature is also available in the IOS and Google Play Store and alerts you if the location you’re about to enter could be potentially dangerous

10. Photo Verification:

This feature allows you to perform self-authentication. Basically, with this feature, the user is asked for a bunch of real-time selfies and then these pics are compared with the already uploaded ones.

11. Swipe Night:

This feature asks you to choose from a list of adventures that you are interested in and then suggests people that have made the selections as you. 

12. Tinder U:

This feature allows students to display their school colors, this way they will be available to swipe through profiles of their classmates. The app will also display profiles from other campuses as well.

13. Read Receipt:

This feature can be purchased in batches 5, 10, and 20. Through this feature, you will be able to know whether the person has read your message or not.

14. Noonlight:

The “Noonlight” feature acts as a panic button within the app. With the help of this feature the users are allowed to share the time, place, and the name of the person they choose to go out with, in case of an unfortunate circumstance. 

All the above-mentioned features are available in both Tinder Plus as well as Tinder Gold which are the paid versions of Tinder. The only difference between Tinder Plus and Tinder Gold is that the Gold version costs a bit more and comes with an added feature that allows you to see which profile has liked you.

So needless to say, the paid versions of Tinder are much better and offer a wide variety of features that make your dating experience even better. So if you have the extra money, purchasing the paid versions is definitely worth it.

5 Benefits Of Online Dating In 2021

In the year 2012, Tinder made its initial debut in the google play store and revolutionized the online dating scene. Since then online dating has gained immense popularity and now is more popular than ever.

In today’s day and age, the internet now features thousands of dating platforms with millions of people participating from different parts all over the world.

It is also worth noticing that an increasing number of married couples nowadays admit that they initially met their significant other through an online dating platform.

In 2021 however, online dating is predicted to be more popular than ever as people from all over the world are looking forward to dating and meeting new people from different parts of the world.

In this article, I will list down the major reasons why even if you may have not yet, you might still find yourself in one of these online dating sites this year.

The Pandemic Situation:

Considering the current situation throughout the World, online dating now has more potential than it ever had, as nowadays, due to the ongoing pandemic situation people spend more time in front of their screens now more than ever.

Due to the pandemic, people are restricted to their homes and are not allowed to participate in social events such as parties, hanging out at the malls, etc. which were usually the common ways to find a date.

Hence, online dating platforms are the only mediums through which they find a new partner.

Online dating sites provide a great platform for people who are looking forward to meeting people belonging to different cultures, races, nationalities, and ages.

Usually, the probability of finding a date depends on where they belong from, in certain cultures and religions it can be very difficult to find a partner.

Such challenges don’t really exist when it comes to online dating. These online dating platforms allow you to meet and converse with people from different cultures all over the world while still being in the comfort of their houses. Online dating allows you to find anybody you want to.

Throughout the internet, there are thousands of dating sites that make it easier for you to meet people all over the World. For example, there are sites that are solely dedicated to finding a person from African American or Asian heritage.

Check out John Anthony Lifestyle Instagram to learn how you can setup multiple online dating profiles and match with a LOT more women than you normally would. He will also help you click better pictures and help choose the best ones for your profiles.

You Can Get Familiar To Someone Without Meeting Them In Person:

The ongoing Covid-19 pandemic has had a huge impact on our daily lives, one of the greatest impacts is that people are being forced to stay home and are refrained from moving out of their houses, meeting their peers, and socializing.
People are now increasingly hesitant from meeting their friends and family as in order to leave their houses and socialize they are obliged to carry out certain tests which ensure that they are currently not the coronavirus. This has had a great impact on the dating scene.

Given these troubles, people right now are just not motivated enough to carry out several tests just to meet someone who they don’t know anything about and is a complete stranger to them.

This is exactly where online dating comes into play, as before actually meeting somebody in person you can get an idea of what kind of person they are in the comfort of their houses.

Needless to say, online dating platforms act as a great medium for people to get to know each other before even meeting them in person. This also means that you can have a good idea of who this person is before taking the big step of meeting each other one on one.

Moreover, it also means that you have more time to simply judge this person and decide whether they are worth the time and effort.

Regardless of the pandemic, it is also beneficial for safety reasons as well. Online dating can help you avoid the unfortunate situation of meeting someone who could potentially be of a disturbed personality and ultimately help you avoid a troublesome situation.

It is also noteworthy that these online dating platforms provide a wide variety of communication tools such as video calling, live chatting, and messaging which will help you a great deal in knowing people well.

Allows People To Learn About Different Cultures:

Using an international dating platform can get one exposed to a wide variety of different cultures, backgrounds, and societies. Online dating platforms allow people to learn more and more things about different people all over the World, it can even help us learn many new things.

Online dating platforms can allow you to get a new perspective in life, experiencing various aspects of different types of people all over the world.

It’s also much cheaper as you don’t have to unnecessarily invest money in traveling and accommodation, expensive dates and exotic clothes.

More Economical Than Dating:

Dating can often prove to be a costly affair. When it comes to dating, people have to pay for various things such as traveling, dining, etc. It comes with no surprise that online is comparatively much cheaper.

In fact, the only investment that you have to make is if you purchase a premium version of the app or website that you are using.

Hence, not only does online dating allow you to choose your potential partner in the comfort of your house, it is also extremely affordable and cheaper compared to traditional dating.

Online dating also saves money on international traveling as you can stay at home and get to know people all over the world without spending a dime.


Online dating has many other benefits aside from the few mentioned above.

Amidst this global pandemic, online dating has been the one-stop solution for users all over the world to meet their romantic counterparts while being in the protective environment of your house.

According to various researchers since the beginning of this global pandemic, online dating has tripled its acclaim and continues to grow in popularity.

This Is How You Pick Up Women On The Streets

Have you ever been in a situation where you’re just walking on the street minding your own business and then all of a sudden get approached by someone?

Now by getting approached by people I don’t mean getting approached by those NGO guys who at the first glance, appear to be hitting on you but then they pull out their clipboard and insist on donations.

Over here, I’m talking about getting approached by someone with romantic intentions in mind.

Last month, while heading towards the gym I was approached by some guy on the streets.

This time, I had my earphones in and all of a sudden, he approached me and asked me out. Now while we’re talking, there are certain things that he does which are good while certain things he did that were wrong.

Although I can’t say what exactly happened during this experience, I can say that there are a few things that I have learned from this experience that I would like to share with you.

In this article, I’ll list down some of the mistakes that he made and explain to you how to counter them. By the way, it is well known that when it comes to cold approach or just anything that cannot be well translated over the internet, it is best to get offline coaching if you want to massively cut short your learning curve. You should check out John Anthony Lifestyle’s LinkedIn and contact him through that.

1. Keep It Brief and Straightforward:

We all fantasize of an ideal scenario of one day coming across the right person, someone who’s charming, good-looking, and just strikes the right chord.

The expectation of coming across a great romantic interaction someday while heading into your favorite café for a fun casual hook-up is surely tempting. Unfortunately, though, the likelihood of that happening is fairly low.

You have to keep in mind that most of the time if you find people on the streets, they are not there just for fun, chances are that they’re probably either on their way to work or some other purpose.

 So, if you decide to approach someone on the streets you should make it your utmost priority that you respect their time by keeping it brief. Be clear of your motives, keep your approach short, simple, and to the point.

Now how to do this? In order to execute your approach perfectly, I insist you follow three steps: Introduction, Compliment, and then Asking Out.

The first step obviously is to introduce yourself, keep in mind that by introduction I mean, in the clearest way possible say your name, followed by your profession and that’s it.

Now for the complimenting part, please keep in mind that you keep the compliment as brief and superficial as you can. Compliments such as “Hey, I just saw you walking by and I thought you were cute” are perfect.

Moving on to the part where you’re about to ask her out, now when you ask her out, the key thing you need to consider is the possibility that your partner must be busy so keep it short and ask them out for coffee or a stroll at the park.

Whenever you approach someone to ask them out, please keep it short, this is no time to indulge in a deep conversation as chances are that you’re keeping them from reaching somewhere important. But there are scenarios in which you can have a long conversation and even take the girl out on an instant date. So you will have to read the situation and take action based on that. If the girl is walking fast, then obviously she is in a hurry and wants to reach somewhere quick.

In those situations you can keep you conversation short, to the point and get her number. If she is just wandering around, sipping an iced coffee and just having a good time, you can join her and have a good time too.

But you will need practice to get used to these situations and adapting based on what’s going on around. Make sure you hit up John Anthony Lifestyle to learn more about that. He is an expert at this and has over 1500 lays. So there’s definitely you can learn from offline and even online coaching of his.

My advice would be to keep it within two minutes and don’t extend beyond that.

2. Be On Point:

I truly understand that approaching someone on a busy street can make you nervous, but you have to be more confident with your approach. The more nervous you let yourself be, the more it hinders your chances of being successful in your approach.

Oftentimes nervousness causes someone to stutter and express themselves a bit too much. People tend to double down on the fact as to why you approached them and that can cause a huge waste of time for them and you as well as this will probably throw them off.

So keep your motives clear, and be on point. Just get in, make your point, and leave.

3. Perfect Time To Text:

Needless to say, when you approach this person, you must have asked their number out in order to contact them later. Now that you have their number, when’s the right time to text them?

If you text them right after you meet them chances are, that if they’re busy they’ll just have to ignore. On the contrary, if you take too long to text them they might forget about you completely.

The best time to text them is somewhere between 4 to 6 hours after you met them. This way, they will remember you and have to respond to your messages as well.

4. Keep It Formal During The First Date:

Once you get their number, one of the major mistakes people end up making is that they overcompensate by acting too nice saying things like “Wow, you are so impressive” and “You are truly amazing”.

If you approach somebody on the street, chances are that they were not really trying to impress anybody, they were just minding their own business, showering them with compliments just after the first meeting, looks really fake and in all honesty, cheapens your worth.

If it’s your first date, it’s pretty obvious that you don’t know much about them, so instead of overdoing it, I suggest you keep it formal and treat them like they have something to say.

Let them talk, let them express themselves, and when you finally know them well enough, who knows you might actually find out certain things that you genuinely like about them!

So, I hope that through this article you know better about what exactly to do and what not to do once you decide to approach someone on the street.

Just keep it brief and straightforward, be on point, make your intentions crystal clear, don’t beat around the bush too much, don’t look too desperate and keep it formal and only get close when you truly know that person.