A Beginners Guide To Flirting With Women

How do you flirt with women? Flirting is something most guys don’t understand. It’s not just about being sexy, it’s about making a woman feel like she has to have you and that there isn’t anyone else in the world for her. Check out this article on how to be an effective flirter!

1. You need to be confident

If you don’t believe in yourself then no woman will either. Be smooth and speak congruently; your body language should match what you’re saying (even if it’s not true, like telling a girl she looks good when she doesn’t).

So make sure you have confidence in yourself. If you’re not confident, it will show so go for classes or something to boost your confidence.

But you don’t want to be so over the top with your confidence, as you’ll come across as a ****.

2. Don’t be a pushover

You’re not going to get anywhere by being a wimp, especially if you’re really young and unattractive. You need to show her that you have a backbone and that she can’t walk all over you because it will make her respect you more (not in a nice way).

Don’t let her talk for hours about herself, interject every now and again. Plus joke here and there to keep things fun. Always give back as much as you take from people or they won’t respect those boundaries and then they’ll just continue talking and talking until they’ve completely run out of things to say about themselves.

3. Don’t be a douchebag

This is where most people get confused. You don’t need to show her that you’re a dangerous criminal or a bad boy. In fact, if she thinks you’re too dangerous then she won’t find it attractive and will think of you as nothing more than hot air (don’t take this personally, it’s just the way things are).

What I mean by not being a douchebag is that you should always try to make sure your actions don’t come across as selfish/arrogant/conceited. If she feels like you care about all other women in front of her while still flirting with her, then she’ll hate herself for thinking about sleeping with you.

4. Build attraction, don’t just rely on it

This is what most young guys get wrong when trying to flirt with women. They think that if they’re nice enough then the girl will be attracted to them. That’s not how this works at all. The way you get a woman interested in you is by playing hard-to-get, making her work for your approval before giving it to her (e.g never being available for her or being extremely busy). You can even go as far as ignoring her texts/phonecalls/meeting with other people while she’s trying to win you over because girls want what they can’t have. I know, girls are weird like that but that’s just how things work with them.

And if you’re really good, you can just straight up tell a girl that she’s not your type and doesn’t fit what you’re looking for in a girlfriend, or anything else along those lines. That really depends on the girl though; some girls will dump you right after (not all of them mind you) while others will be like “awww! Well…I’m still going to try and win him over!” It’s hit or miss but it is possible to do.

5. Be confident when talking to women

Don’t let your nerves get the best of you in these situations because they can completely turn women off. I know this from personal experience because the past I’ve been very nervous and anxious around women, especially when I first started learning how to flirt with them. As women can sense your nervousness, they will either get uncomfortable around you or continue to talk to you but with zero interest.

For example, I remember one time when I was working in a deli and this great looking woman came in who I’d been trying to flirt with for a couple of weeks. As usual when she was in the shop, she made it very clear that she didn’t want anything from me by having an attitude towards me each time she visited. When she came into the store that day though, I didn’t do anything different yet still had a complete change in her tone towards me. She wasn’t rude or offensive but much more pleasant and actually started talking to me quite nicely. So what changed? Was there something different about me that prompted this shift? No, I was still the same old Mike who’d been trying to flirt with her for weeks. The only difference between the usual interaction and this one was my confidence; I projected it much more when she was in front of me. This is why you can’t afford to let your nerves get the best of you when flirting with women because it makes them feel awkward around you and creates a terrible impression of yourself.

Keep in mind though, that there’s no need for you to be overly confident either; just project enough self-assurance so that women will enjoy talking to you. Make sure not to come across as arrogant though because then all your hard work when flirting would go to waste. And if you experience temporary nervousness, don’t worry as it happens to all people. You just need to control these feelings and not allow them to overwhelm you because as soon as you start feeling nervous around a woman, your attraction switches off.

6. Take Your Flirting To Another Level By Touching Her

Don’t be afraid or hesitant when touching women either; just do it with confidence and purpose at the appropriate time and place and then move on accordingly. For example, this would include just lightly touching her arm while talking to her gently brushing away a flyaway strand of hair from her face etc . But always make sure you move your hand away once you are done touching her. Also remember to do this at the appropriate time and place. For instance, don’t go groping women on first dates or in crowded places where it would be inappropriate to do so. Whereas if you are on a date with her alone in some quiet candle lit restaurant or bar etc . Go ahead and touch her as much as possible because this will help make her feel more comfortable around you and signal that the two of you have an exciting attraction for each other which means she is already halfway to saying yes to going back home with you.

7. What To Say When You First Approach Her

When approaching a woman for the first time always speak from the heart and never try to impress her. Don’t speak in a monotone voice, instead use a slightly higher pitch and be a little bit more animated when speaking. Women prefer to talk to men who sound interested in what they have to say rather than bored.

Never approach her if you’re feeling tired or worn out from the day because this will show through your body language and enthusiasm when speaking with her. Smile when approaching women and always treat them kindly. Be funny by teasing her but not playfully insulting her. In other words don’t be mean even if she is being rude first! If she asks you a question make sure you answer it fully before moving on. For example lets say she asks why you’ve approached her, rather than bluntly replying ‘I wanted to meet you,’ say something like ‘I noticed you were looking really nice so I thought I’d come over and say hello.’

8. The Right Place & Time To Meet Her

Unless she’s very forward most women won’t bother giving a man their phone number until they feel they know him quite well. However, if you want to get her number quickly its ok to ask her but do not make a big deal out of it! Then leave it is as that and don’t keep calling or texting her constantly trying to arrange dates with her because this will seem clingy and desperate from the outset. Make sure you’re in a place where your paths are likely to cross again at some point in the future, for example if she’s in the college canteen have a chat with her there when you bump into her.

9. How To Make A Good Impression On Her Friends & Family

If she has friends or family with her, simply introduce yourself to them and be polite when speaking to them. Do not ignore them even if they’re being boring because it will make you look like a rude person! Remember that the way you behave around other people reflects back onto women too so always treat everyone well whether they are male or female. Don’t flirt openly with other girls in front of her because this could cause great jealousy between both of you if she feels threatened by it even though she may act jealous for your attention. If this does happen don’t argue with her about it but simply apologize for any embarrassment you’ve caused by flirting with other girls in front of her, then promise to act more respectfully when speaking with women in the future.

10. What To Do When She Says No!

Do not take things personally when she says no because its really nothing personal at all! If you get rejected immediately try not to make it seem like a big deal and if she’s making excuses, let her go without too much drama (don’t ‘try to convince her’ or beg please!) because this will make you look like a desperate weirdo who only wants one thing from women! Treat female rejection as your cue that maybe she wasn’t the right person for you after all, act like its a win-win situation because you never know, you might end up meeting the girl of your dreams on the next attempt!

11. How To Keep Her Interest In You!

Women love men who have confidence and somebody who is unpredictable so try to keep her interested by being slightly mysterious. When women find a man interesting they tend to want to learn more about him so take advantage of this and try to get as much information from her as well! Remember that comunication between men and women is a two way street so always take an interest in what she has to say rather than just letting the conversation go one way into territory that only interests you! Letting a woman finish speaking before beginning yours will make it seem like her opinion is just as important to you as yours is to her! Don’t be afraid to disagree with her about certain topics but let her know that you respect her opinion anyway, people will always warm towards somebody who shows them respect even if they don’t agree with them.

12. When To Ask Her Out On A Date!

There’s no right or wrong time to ask a woman out on a date because it should be done in the moment when the opportunity presents itself! However there are better times than others so wait until she seems relaxed and not too busy to ask. For example don’t approach women at night clubs unless they’re already standing alone outside waiting for their friends! If you do get rejected, remain polite and wait until she leaves before you leave yourself.

13. What To Do On A Date!

Be a gentleman and be chivalrous when you take her out on a date because this will make her feel more relaxed around you. Open the door for her when arriving at your destination so she won’t have to do it herself, try not to forget things like this or it will seem like you don’t consider women important which is never true! Try to get the balance right between being too nice and being too mean, nobody likes a pushover but nobody wants to go out with somebody who seems rude either so stay somewhere in between both of these until she decides that she can trust you enough then let your guard down!