Online Dating Strategies For Regular Guys

Online dating is a numbers game. You will never find the girl of your dreams if you only swipe right five times and then give up. This article will teach you to boost your odds by matching with hot girls on apps like tinder, bumble, okcupid, etc.

How To Get A Girl On Tinder Interested In You

If you are using tinder to meet girls, then it is important that you understand the psychology of women on dating apps. When a woman logs into an app like tinder, she is expecting men to be hitting her up for sex. She has nothing else in mind except casual hookups with no strings attached. Because of this mindset, most girls will not respond to generic messages or boring pick-up lines. But if your “opening line” shows some personality and playfulness while also demonstrating some social intelligence , more often than not you will get a reply or at least get her interested enough so that she swipes right on your profile.

How To Get A Girl On Tinder Interested

The best way to get a girl on tinder interested in you is by saying something that will pique her curiosity so that she’ll swipe right. She has to be able to imagine herself having a conversation with you and being intrigued enough by your personality to want to meet up with you-not just sleep with you.

For example, if your opening line is “Hey sexy”, don’t expect much more than a measly 5% chance of getting a reply from the girl. If your opening line was “What’s it like being as sexy as you are?”, now we’re talking!  Asking this question demonstrates several things: confidence , playfulness , and social intelligence .

If you see that she is a fitness girl, then your opening line could be: “I bet I could figure out what kind of exercises you do just by looking at your fit body”. This shows that you’re not only confident and playful but also socially intelligent enough to tell she’s into working out. You can probably expect an enthusiastic reply from this approach.

The point is that if the girl doesn’t know what to expect next with you, then her curiosity will get the best of her and she’ll swipe right on your profile to find out more. If she sees that there are no other red flags or weirdness in your profile, most likely she will respond positively.

Approaching A Girl On Bumble

If you are using an app like bumble to meet women, then it is important that you don’t come across as too aggressive. Women on dating apps are looking for a connection. You have to show her that you’re into more than just hooking up.

Here’s the difference between being too aggressive and hitting on a girl vs showing interest in getting to know her:

Being Too Aggressive On Bumble

“Hey sexy”. “You’re so hot”. “Let’s drink”, etc… All of these messages will make most girls roll their eyes and swipe left because they already see you as another horny guy messaging them for sex only. This isn’t interesting in any way, nor does it give her an idea as to who you really are as a person.

Showing Interest In Getting To Know Her On Bumble

“You seem cool, we should meet up sometime”. “What kind of music do you like?” “Where did you go for dinner last night?”.  Now these kinds of messages will make her smile. As long as the conversation keeps flowing naturally, she’ll feel more inclined to reply because not only is she intrigued by your profile but also by what you have to say.

How To Get A Girl On OkCupid Interested

The approach here is pretty much the same as on tinder or bumble. However, because you will have a lot more room to be creative with your profile, you can include a lot more about yourself and put a little bit of your personality into it to make her curious enough to want to get to know you better.

If your opening message is “Hi”, then don’t expect sound too enthusiastic of a reply. If she doesn’t find anything interesting in your profile when swiping right on it, she most likely won’t bother reading through the whole thing just for that one message that doesn’t interest her at all.

A good example is if you are into cooking and mention this in your profile. Then in your opening line show some creativity by saying something like: “Hello beautiful! I’m John, 27, I love cooking… would you like me to cook for you someday?”. This shows that not only are you confident but also have a creative mind. She’ll get the sense that she can have interesting conversations with you-which will increase your chances of getting her number.

Because OkCupid is more serious than tinder or bumble, it is important that the girl gets an idea of what kind of man you are right away in your profile before even having to read your opening line.

The lesson here is this: if you want to keep things simple and get things rolling quickly, make sure your first message demonstrates some creativity while still showing confidence at the same time. You don’t want to come off as too shy or too unconfident because these kinds of messages will make the girl feel like she’s doing all the work.

It’s all about balance, guys. Be confident but not cocky; creative but not weird; playful, yet still respectful… you get what I mean. There are a lot more where this came from! But hopefully by now you see that there is more to online dating than just saying “hi”. You’ve got to portray yourself as an intriguing person with unique interests and behaviors; otherwise your matches will most likely be few and far between.

So remember:

Be confident, yet respectful of the girl’s boundaries. Be creative but not weird or corny. And finally, show her you have a fun personality while still staying true to your core values! If you can do all this and make her laugh along the way… then it is a wrap-you just might have yourself a new girlfriend soon!