This Is How You Pick Up Women On The Streets

Have you ever been in a situation where you’re just walking on the street minding your own business and then all of a sudden get approached by someone?

Now by getting approached by people I don’t mean getting approached by those NGO guys who at the first glance, appear to be hitting on you but then they pull out their clipboard and insist on donations.

Over here, I’m talking about getting approached by someone with romantic intentions in mind.

Last month, while heading towards the gym I was approached by some guy on the streets.

This time, I had my earphones in and all of a sudden, he approached me and asked me out. Now while we’re talking, there are certain things that he does which are good while certain things he did that were wrong.

Although I can’t say what exactly happened during this experience, I can say that there are a few things that I have learned from this experience that I would like to share with you.

In this article, I’ll list down some of the mistakes that he made and explain to you how to counter them. By the way, it is well known that when it comes to cold approach or just anything that cannot be well translated over the internet, it is best to get offline coaching if you want to massively cut short your learning curve. You should check out John Anthony Lifestyle’s LinkedIn and contact him through that.

1. Keep It Brief and Straightforward:

We all fantasize of an ideal scenario of one day coming across the right person, someone who’s charming, good-looking, and just strikes the right chord.

The expectation of coming across a great romantic interaction someday while heading into your favorite café for a fun casual hook-up is surely tempting. Unfortunately, though, the likelihood of that happening is fairly low.

You have to keep in mind that most of the time if you find people on the streets, they are not there just for fun, chances are that they’re probably either on their way to work or some other purpose.

 So, if you decide to approach someone on the streets you should make it your utmost priority that you respect their time by keeping it brief. Be clear of your motives, keep your approach short, simple, and to the point.

Now how to do this? In order to execute your approach perfectly, I insist you follow three steps: Introduction, Compliment, and then Asking Out.

The first step obviously is to introduce yourself, keep in mind that by introduction I mean, in the clearest way possible say your name, followed by your profession and that’s it.

Now for the complimenting part, please keep in mind that you keep the compliment as brief and superficial as you can. Compliments such as “Hey, I just saw you walking by and I thought you were cute” are perfect.

Moving on to the part where you’re about to ask her out, now when you ask her out, the key thing you need to consider is the possibility that your partner must be busy so keep it short and ask them out for coffee or a stroll at the park.

Whenever you approach someone to ask them out, please keep it short, this is no time to indulge in a deep conversation as chances are that you’re keeping them from reaching somewhere important. But there are scenarios in which you can have a long conversation and even take the girl out on an instant date. So you will have to read the situation and take action based on that. If the girl is walking fast, then obviously she is in a hurry and wants to reach somewhere quick.

In those situations you can keep you conversation short, to the point and get her number. If she is just wandering around, sipping an iced coffee and just having a good time, you can join her and have a good time too.

But you will need practice to get used to these situations and adapting based on what’s going on around. Make sure you hit up John Anthony Lifestyle to learn more about that. He is an expert at this and has over 1500 lays. So there’s definitely you can learn from offline and even online coaching of his.

My advice would be to keep it within two minutes and don’t extend beyond that.

2. Be On Point:

I truly understand that approaching someone on a busy street can make you nervous, but you have to be more confident with your approach. The more nervous you let yourself be, the more it hinders your chances of being successful in your approach.

Oftentimes nervousness causes someone to stutter and express themselves a bit too much. People tend to double down on the fact as to why you approached them and that can cause a huge waste of time for them and you as well as this will probably throw them off.

So keep your motives clear, and be on point. Just get in, make your point, and leave.

3. Perfect Time To Text:

Needless to say, when you approach this person, you must have asked their number out in order to contact them later. Now that you have their number, when’s the right time to text them?

If you text them right after you meet them chances are, that if they’re busy they’ll just have to ignore. On the contrary, if you take too long to text them they might forget about you completely.

The best time to text them is somewhere between 4 to 6 hours after you met them. This way, they will remember you and have to respond to your messages as well.

4. Keep It Formal During The First Date:

Once you get their number, one of the major mistakes people end up making is that they overcompensate by acting too nice saying things like “Wow, you are so impressive” and “You are truly amazing”.

If you approach somebody on the street, chances are that they were not really trying to impress anybody, they were just minding their own business, showering them with compliments just after the first meeting, looks really fake and in all honesty, cheapens your worth.

If it’s your first date, it’s pretty obvious that you don’t know much about them, so instead of overdoing it, I suggest you keep it formal and treat them like they have something to say.

Let them talk, let them express themselves, and when you finally know them well enough, who knows you might actually find out certain things that you genuinely like about them!

So, I hope that through this article you know better about what exactly to do and what not to do once you decide to approach someone on the street.

Just keep it brief and straightforward, be on point, make your intentions crystal clear, don’t beat around the bush too much, don’t look too desperate and keep it formal and only get close when you truly know that person.