How to Survive As An Associate Investment Banker

You are feeling good that you managed to get through the door. It is a huge accomplishment, no doubt. But this is only half the battle. Becoming an associate investment banker doesn’t mean that you will end up becoming a real investment banker.

It is well known that being an associate investment banker is the hardest part of the journey when getting started in this industry. Think of this as your right of passage. You have to go through hard times and perform at your peak under immense pressure to prove that you are capable of great things in the future.

Most people leave halfway through by their own accord. According to Quinlan Associate, 11% of the front office analysts left last year. And every year, around 20% of the associates leave.

So, if you can make it through these few weeks, you will be all set. But you have to make sure that you are not screwing things up for yourself.

How can ensure that? Well, that’s what this article from Sam Shiah Linkedin is all about. Lets jump right into it:

  1. Don’t get comfortable

People want to think that this is the time to show that they can get comfortable in their new position. This will show the managers that you were meant to be working for this company at this position. But this is the opposite of what you should be doing.

The first few years of an investment banker are going to be one of the hardest years of their career, if not their life. So you should take this time to learn as much as you can. Don’t get comfortable thinking that you have struck gold and now is the time to start taking advantage of the seeds you’ve sown.

Quite the contrary.

If a senior person at your company offers you to work on a project that is outside your comfort zone (and trust me, they will offer you to work on those kinds of projects), take them without any hesitation.

The reason why they will give you the work is that they either believe in your ability to get through the uncomfortable part and get the job done. So prove them right by taking the project and doing your best at it.

Even if you fail, you will get to learn a lot more than what you already knew before.

Not just that, the person that gave you the project will also realize that you are not afraid to make mistakes and learn from them. Just make sure you aren’t making any massive mistakes.

2. Your boss probably doesn’t care

From your company’s perspective, your job should be everything. If they call you, you should be there. They don’t care if your dinner plans are cancelled or if there is a family crisis. You are a new employee and so you will need to make sure that you are always there when needed. That’s what they are paying you for.

But don’t think that your boss won’t show sympathy. After all, he is human and he will be genuinely sorry if you expressed any of those things to them. But don’t doubt that when the time comes, they won’t make decisions that don’t favor you.

They have a business to run and it can’t fit around your life and your schedule.

This might seem harsh, but it is better coming from me than it coming to you from them in the form of a demotion or letting you go.

The company you are working for is a huge company and you are a part of it. Right now, you are just not playing that important of a role. So you can’t make as many excuses.

Sure, when you become a senior manager or partner, then you can do whatever you want. But until then, you’ll have to put your head down and get the job done. Whatever it takes.

Make sacrifices now so you can reach your goal.

3. Be in it for the long-term

This is crucial to remember. Most new employees will focus on the short-term bonus cheques and trying to show off their new job title to everyone. But remember, there are people in your company that have been working there for years and years. Some have been working for 5+ years.

That goes to show the longevity of an investment banking career. And with that longevity, comes ups and downs.

You just have to be patient early on to build yourself a good base to build your entire career on. You don’t want to be the employee that peaks too early and then vanishes from the scene after a couple years.

You have worked for this your entire life and so make sure that you take the time to make the kind of moves you want to make. Even if that means being overlooked for a promotion.

3 Tips For New Investment Banking Analysts

Investment banking is a dream for many people. But now that you have got the job, you are already way ahead of the curve. Most people never get to this stage. So, congratulations!

You want to make sure that you are performing well at this job so you can not just keep it, but be promoted. Your goal is to one day become Bobby Axelrod from the show Billions. Or something like that. You want to have billions of dollars under your management.

Now that we know what your goal is, here’s some tips from someone who has been in the investment banking industry for over 5 years now.

  1. If you get the opportunity to attend a client call, take it

Most managing directors don’t really care whether a new analyst joins in on their client calls or not. But for you, it is a big deal. You will get to learn a lot about reading financial statements and running presentations about the financial model of a company.

These are crucial things because if you want to get ahead in this industry, you will one day have to present that information yourself. So take notes about what the other guys are doing in the meeting and see if you can replicate that, or if you can improve upon that. Not just that, make sure you are taking physical notes, because that will help you remember the things you noticed in that meeting, says Sam Shiah.

You will also learn about how the corporate people communicate with their investor base. You can also get exposure to this info by reading the transcripts of management presentations.

Client calls will be a goldmine for you because you will also see how relationship managers talk about their opinion on capital deployment strategies, constraints, etc. and not just that, you will also get to see how everyone formulates their own opinions and shares them and come to a conclusion.

This is where incredible analysts are made. The good ones will see this and see a combination of art and science. You will notice how the people in these meetings are able to convert dry science from the paper and present in such a way that their clients are interested in deploying their capital in the companies that they are presenting.

That is all well and good, but how are you going to show that information to your boss? The managing director.

Well, when you start sitting in those meetings, you will see where your MD is lacking as well. And trust me, not every MD is good at their job.

Yes, you were led to believe that only the crème de la crème of the world get to work in the investment banking industry. That is not the case.

There are a lot of people working that are not the best by any standards. Get used to seeing that but make sure that you are helping them out and not just pointing out their mistakes.

You want to provide solutions, that’s what you are hired for. So make sure you are doing that to become a valuable employee.

One last thing I’d like to mention before closing off this tip, is that whenever your client meetings are not at the office, they usually take place at a baseball game or fancy restaurants. In either case, make sure that if a spot opens up for a client meeting, you take it.

Who knows, you’ll get the chance to see what fancy wine do rich people like. Or maybe you’ll get a taste of that fancy baseball game box that you always saw at the games but never had the money to get one yourself.

But its not just about that, if you give your client a good impression and they like you, the MD will make sure that they bring you to future client meetings. They want to make sure that the client is having a fun time when these meetings happen and you definitely contribute to that.

  • Go to the gym

Investment banking is hard work, take it from me. Especially when you are just starting out as an analyst. The companies will make sure that they squeeze everything out of you because they are paying one of the highest starter salaries in the country.

You will notice that once the workday is over, you will just want to go home and watch some mind-numbing show on Netflix and relax. But that is not how you should be doing things.

If you do, you will quickly get obese and that unhealthiness will start to show in your work too.

Make sure you carve out an hour of your time and go to the gym. Take the time to make sure that your mind and body are in healthy shape so you can continue performing at your peak every single day. Working out will give you a huge boost in mental energy. And who knows, you might start being able to connect dots faster and between things your colleague never would’ve thought about.

Try to keep in touch with people you met during orientation. They will probably become your lifelong friends if they got through the whole interview process and want to continue working in this industry for a long time. You don’t have to be a wall street mastermind day in and day out.

So if they ask you out for drinks and you think you can make, you should go. Don’t choose Netflix over going out with friends and having actual fun. Unless you have to evaluate something. Then by all means, stay in get that done before going out.

This is not just about having a social circle outside of work, it is about networking at the same time. You don’t have to invest a huge amount of time and energy into it. But you do have to invest something. And trust me when I say this – your network will pay you huge dividends in the long run.

I’m talking years and years down the line. You wouldn’t even see this coming. Who knows, some of your friends that you hang out with today might end up becoming your clients tomorrow.

Here’s How You Can Avoid Stress When Remodeling Your Kitchen

Think about here’s how you can avoid stress when remodeling your kitchen. The simple steps can make all the difference to most people. That work order has been placed and filled in a short time. The result will be a project that is met with some success. Be amazed by the progress that is made by the whole team as well. Here’s how you can avoid stress when remodeling your kitchen. Think ahead about the challenges and avoid stress in a lot of new ways. That is bound to be a success for all those who get involved. The work order is placed and fulfilled by an expert team too.

The first step should be considering a local pro team for the work. That project is going to sway many opinions about what can be done. People look at the work and think about how the project can get started. Trust a work team to handle everything without any kind of problem. That will alleviate much stress from those who place the work order. The project is getting a good start and that could benefit many people over time. They can come to trust their team to see the work through until the end. The kitchen remodels effort is a big deal to them. They want to make it work at a good time.

The next process will be securing the best materials on site. The step by step process is easy for a lot of new people. They can avoid stress and make the long term project work for their own needs. The work order can be completed when the materials get on location. here’s how you can avoid stress when remodeling your kitchen. That process is a big-time draw for a lot of new clients. They can scope out the work order that is much needed by those in the know. The materials are ordered and the project is hailed as a success. The work is a top priority for anyone who needs it too.

The reviews for companies could signal a new era for people. They find out great deals that could be memorable to them. The new reviews are an asset that people want to complete in short order. See here’s how you can avoid stress when remodeling your kitchen. The new reviews are a boon to people who want to complete an offer. They can scope out the good reviews for companies that deserve a little credit. The project is going to work for the needs of most new clients. Then they can write new reviews of their own as well. The new reviews do help a company gain credit too.

The cost of the project is hailed as a big achievement. Low-cost deals are in the future for most new clients. The client base tends to seek out new deals in the long run. The cost is a big deal to people who have a budget for the work order ahead.

Things That Make You Love And Hate Kitchen Remodeling

No matter what kind of kitchen you have, and no matter what size it is, going through a remodeling project is a huge ordeal. Even if there are just a couple of components in your kitchen you are looking to replace, there are so many different things that need to be considered before the project can begin.

It’s a big project, but when you’ve put so much of your own time, money, and design choices into it, you end up loving the results.

That doesn’t mean you will love the process.

Here are some must-know facts and tips about kitchen remodeling that will make you both hate and love the entire project!

1. The Contractors

Working with a professional is almost required with any moderate to large-scale kitchen remodeling job, which means you will have to start the search for the right contractors. This can be a headache to deal with if you don’t already have someone amazing in mind.

First, you’ll need to decide whether you want general contractors or a professional renovation firm to help you with the new kitchen’s construction. Then you may have to struggle in terms of scheduling, as the best contractors are often the busiest ones, so it’s important that you carve out time to work around their needs. In the long run, waiting for their good work is well worth it.

2. The Layout

Is your new kitchen going to be laid out totally different from your old kitchen? It is doable, but there are a lot of hidden complications and fees to keep in mind which may make you hate the entire prospect of a new layout.

For example, you may love the idea of having your stove and refrigerator in totally different places from where they were. But you might hate the realization that you may incur extra costs since moving around the existing piping and electrical lines can be expensive.

3. New Appliances

New appliances keep getting fancier and fancier, don’t they? If you are looking to upgrade, then you are probably fascinated by the new bells and whistles offered on even the simplest new appliances like blenders and ovens. But the key to getting the ones you want while on a budget is to shop smart, not hard.

You must invest in appliances that are energy-efficient and easy to use. If you’re going to end up hating your stove because you can’t figure out how to get it to the exact temperature you want, then it isn’t worth the upgrade.

It’s important that you love your new results, even if you hate the process of narrowing down your appliance options and testing things out.

4. The Budget

Probably the most heated topic of all, budgeting is something that homeowners particularly hate. Trying to budget out your new remodel almost never works out at the beginning, because there are so many hidden costs to think about.

How much will your contractor charge? How much are materials? How many hidden fees do you have (filling in gaps, replacing pipes, repairing old cabinets, installing appliances, adding a new seal and finish to your countertops, etc.)? Take as much time as you can to carefully consider your budget, and do your absolute best to stick with it.

Start Your Love-Hate Relationship with Kitchen Remodeling Today!

Redoing your kitchen is a huge process. Even something that seems simple, like building new cabinets, can be vastly more complicated than expected. You might start to hate certain aspects of the project, but ultimately, you will fall in love with the result. It’s time to get started!

5 Reasons Why Kitchen Remodeling Has Gotten More Popular

Kitchen refurbishing is done by different people for different reasons. Some look for a different design and style for their homes, some look to appreciate the value of their homes while some do it to repair and replace old and worn out parts of their kitchens. In addition, recent technology may force people into remodeling to allow for this tech to fit in. Kitchen remodeling has become popular in the past decade, and here are the top reasons why.

Change of Style and Design

Having lived in a home for 5-20years, the chances of the style and design having been outdated are high. The island, for example, has been one of the main areas where change happens frequently. Modernizing lets you have a new style and design that is in touch with the recent designs of the time. Consider having moved into a house in the early 2000s. Over the years, modern designs have come up and your own design is outdated. It is common to consider remodeling to change the style and design while allowing yourself to use that as a chance to catch up with the recent designs.

Increase your Real Estate Value

Modernization increases the value of the real estate. It is one of the financial benefits that has made the practice more popular. The value of your real estate increases depending on the condition of the property, and remodeling can give you a leg up when it comes to real estate value. In addition, it also allows for a tax break on your real estate putting more money into your pocket. Real estate value may even double if the model is superior.

Save Fuel and Water

Old kitchens are often fuel leaks and remodeling often fixes this. Old gas and water pipes are fixed in the process. Fixing allows you to save on cash that was initially used to pay for the leaking gas and water. Also, refurbishing allows for the incorporation of updated appliances such as solar water heaters. You should also check out this kitchen remodeling fort collins company for some of the best remodeling designs and companies in the Fort Collins area. These appliances are essential in saving the cost of heating water, and the house in general. It also allows for the incorporation of better appliances that save on cash and fuel, that are more eco-friendly.

Allow for New Hobbies or Gourmet Kitchens

Over the years, you get used to your kitchen and you automatically turn to hate it. This feeling may lead to the loss of your hobby to cook. Remodeling will turn your kitchen into a new scenery, and this will rekindle your love for cooking and spending more time on your lost hobby. Incorporating a gourmet kitchen in your home will allow you to cook like a chef on your favorite recipes.

Allows for New Technology

Over the past decade, technology has advanced rapidly, and more eco-friendly technology has come into existence. High-tech appliances use technologies like Google Home and Amazon Alexa, wireless speakers and other technologies. Modernizing will allow for the incorporation of recent technology into your kitchen with much ease. Older models majorly can not accommodate these new technologies, making remodeling popular.

Placid Lake Country Club is Back!

On last years fine Christmas morning, I decided that it was time we brought the site back from the ruins. It’s been a while since we talked about something I was passionate about – golfing. I absolutely love it. And don’t get me wrong here, I love spending time with my family and kids. But golfing just clears my head and helps me think in a way that nothing else does.

I can come up with amazing ideas, or just let myself go in a bunch of thoughts while swinging. It’s just me, my golf clubs and golf balls of course, and a lukewarm breeze or sometimes a cold one just flowing through my body. It’s an amazing time and worth every penny I spend on it. And if I’m with my friends, we crack open a cold one and hang out. Gosh there are some amazing memories we made at the country club.