Top 4 Myths About the Orthodontist and Braces

Barbra Streisand, an American Actress once said: “Myths prevent progression and are a waste of time”. These sentiments seem to have fallen on so many deaf ears as there are a large number of individuals who still believe in myths. Whereas braces and orthodontic processes are meant to perfect our smiles, several myths regarding the same have continued to instill fears among individuals to the extent that they neglect seeking treatment.

I don’t know what comes to your mind when you think of braces, but I’m pretty sure it’s the last thing you’d want to have. Bright people always seek the truth! Let’s clear these common myths regarding braces.

1.Braces Hurt

This is the biggest reason why individuals overlook the need to seek orthodontic treatments. You may have heard individuals complain that braces cause pain however; the current advancements in orthodontic technology have made it possible for orthodontists to align your teeth properly so that you don’t experience discomfort. They are experts who train for several years to ensure they do their best to give you a beautiful smile that will last for a lifetime. Orthodontists have several treatment options and choosing the right one for you won’t be a big issue. Gone are the days when braces were known to cause discomfort.

2.You will Wear Braces Longer than Expected

Another thing that most individual fear is wearing braces for a long duration than expected. You’ll accept the fact that people are different and so braces will take a different amount of time depending on your treatment. You should ignore people who tell you that braces take longer than expected. Remember your case will always be different. As said above, orthodontists have the skills needed to get your teeth aligned properly and this goes a long way to ensuring braces don’t take longer than expected. Before you read any further, make sure you check out orthodontist las cruces for some of the best orthodontists in the area. Really, you shouldn’t settle for anything other than perfect teeth and jawline. At the end of the day, we’re talking about your face here. That’s what people see almost all the time. You shouldn’t take any chances with that.

3.Braces are meant for Aesthetic Issues

Some people feel that braces are purely meant for aesthetic issues; however, this is in reality far from the truth. Orthodontic treatments have many benefits which include:

Enhancing your appearance, Boosting your confidence, Solving your breathing problems and Giving you good oral hygiene.

If you hate braces due to cosmetic appearance, rest assured that you will wear them for a short while in comparison to the beautiful smile you will have for the rest of your life.

4.You Can’t Afford Orthodontic Treatments

Nobody can deny the fact that orthodontic procedures are expensive; however, you can equate the cost to the beautiful smile you will boast of thereafter. Don’t feel the pain of spending money on your treatment; After all, it’s for your good! If you have access to dental insurance, a portion of the total amount will be paid for you and so meeting the cost won’t be a big headache.


Myths regarding braces are so scaring that they can make you live in misery. Now that you have read and understood this post, I believe you have the right information and you won’t let these myths deter you or your friend(s) from seeking orthodontic treatments. Consult a reputable orthodontic and you will get all the help you need.